A good mattress is the starting point for deep, restful sleep. But what feels great to you may not be perfect for your partner. Choosing the right mattress is a very personal decision and one that merits some consideration. How firm should your mattress be? What sleeping habit should it match?

PROLANA has been making high quality mattresses for more than 25 years. We produce a wide variety of mattresses, each with a different combination of characteristics to match your personal sleep requirements. We are certain that there is one that feels just right for you. And whichever you choose, one thing is for certain: your mattress will be hand-made from only natural materials. So have yourself a good night.

PROLANA mattresses are produced in accordance with the criteria of the ‘Quality Association for Environmentally Agreeable Latex Mattresses’ (QUL).The materials we use are regularly tested by an independent laboratory; they’re certified to be free of toxic residues and environmentally friendly. It’s important to us that everyone involved in the production of a PROLANA product, including the farmers and rubber tappers who produce our raw materials, get a fair pay. Fair trade and fair production are at the heart of what we do. All rubber and latex we use has been sourced in accordance with the criteria of the Fair Rubber Association. We only use rubber from FSC-certified plantations.




PROLANA Mattress

Head to toe comfort

With our mattresses we aim to have your spine aligned orthopaedically correctly – straight when you lie on your side, in an S-curve when you lie on your back. That way pressure is taken off the discs in your spine, your back muscles can relax and blood circulation is increased. To achieve this, finely calibrated zones allow your body to sink into the natural latex core to just the right extent. Horizontal channels have been worked into the shoulder zone to make it easier to sink in even deeper.


Spot elasticity … or What Makes natural latex so special.

Natural latex yields only where direct pressure is applied. This spot elasticity is unique in any natural material. A mattress core made from pure natural latex is ideal for you if you like a softer feel or sleep on your side. Your back will appreciate it and you’ll sleep soundly.