We spend about a third of our lives asleep. Whether we wake up in the morning refreshed and ready for the day depends on a number of factors. Our sleeping environment, temperature and ambient noise all play a part. But the duvet that covers and surrounds you, the material it‘s made from, its softness, cosiness and comfort … sweet dreams can be made of this.

Only the best – Choose from different filling materials. Each one on offer has its own character,some provide more warmth, others are light and airy but each creates an individual microclimate. From cooling silk to the downy warmth of yak wool for freezing winter nights, at PROLANA you will find the duvet that’s perfect for you. Whichever you choose – like all PROLANA products – it will be made purely from natural materials. We only use certified organic cotton and the pure new wool for our duvet fillings is also certified organic. The duvets can also be adapted with different amounts of filling to suit your needs throughout the seasons.




Sensuous, Sumptuous and Well Tempered – For a Luxurious Sleep experience

A duvet filling made of this precious fibre has several unsurpassed qualities: no other fibre is able to absorb and wick away moisture as quickly. Camel down is extremely delicate and because of its intense crimp it has fantastic insulating properties. Enjoy one of nature’s most lavish inventions and make your bed luxurious and special.

  • SUMMER DUVET : Precious camel down in a sensuous cotton-satin cover – a sophisticated choice for a hot summer night. Camel down has a fantastic ability to provide an ideal microclimate, keeping you comfortable but not too hot.
  • FOUR SEASON DUVET : Keeping you snug and warm in winter and comfortable but not overheated in summer, a camel down duvet filling is ideal if you feel the cold. Because this filling has the ability to create such an excellent microclimate you will enjoy sleeping under this Sibari duvet all year round.
  • WINTER DUO DUVET : The Sibari winter duvet will keep you snug and warm in the cold months of the year. Two single duvets have been combined to make a duo-duvet (for details see prolana.com). Even if you normally dread the cold, this duvet will keep you so cosy and warm that waiting for spring might actually be enjoyable.


Wonderfully Warm and Soft: Organic, Pure new Sheep’s Wool.

Pure new sheep’s wool not only keeps you warm but also absorbs excess moisture, providing a well-balanced microclimate. Because of its surface structure and natural fat coating, wool fibres don’t absorb dirt or smells; instead they have self-cleaning properties. Usually it’s enough to give wool a good airing to make it smell fresh again and recover its fluffiness and volume. Naturally, we only source our fine, soft wool from certified, organic flocks of sheep.

  • SUMMER DUVET : This is the ideal quilted duvet and not just for British summers; you’ll be warm but not hot. Choose between a soft, organic cotton jersey cover or a luxurious cotton satin one which feels particularly fresh.
  • FOUR SEASON DUVET : The seasons may change but you won’t need to get out a different duvet. Organic, pure new sheep’s wool will keep you snug all year round.
  • WINTER DUO DUVET : No matter what the weather’s like outside, the duo duvet will keep you feeling cosy and warm. The air cushion between these two separate quilts acts as a barrier against the cold.


Sound Sleep,Whatever the Season

Under a duvet of pure organic cotton you will sleep comfortably throughout the year. Prolana cotton duvets are an ideal choice for allergy suffers. They provide a moderate amount of warmth, absorb excess moisture and provide a balanced microclimate for restful sleep.

  • SUMMER DUVET : A light, organic cotton fleece filling will keep you comfortably cool even on hot summer nights. The cover is made from smooth but durable organic cotton percale. Because it’s machine washable at 60°, keeping it fresh and clean is easy.
  • FOUR SEASON DUVET : The breathable, organic cotton filling provides a well-balanced sleeping climate all year long. This is an easy-to-care-for, no fuss duvet.
  • WINTER DUO DUVET : If you often feel uncomfortably hot or sleep in a well-heated bedroom, this duvet is for you. For the duo duvet, two separate duvets have been joined together. The air buffer between the two will give you the extra warmth needed in the colder months.


Lightweight, Soft and Wonderfully Warm.

Yaks have a thick coat that protects them from bitterly cold, harsh winds. The hair underneath is really soft and fine. It’s also very curly which traps a lot of air to retain warmth. That’s why a duvet with yak-down filling envelops your body with warmth while still remaining airy and light.


  • SUMMER DUVET : The excellent temperature-balancing qualities of yak down will create the right microclimate for deep and relaxing sleep even during the warmer months of the year. You’ll love it even if you feel the slightest of evening chills.
  • FOUR SEASON DUVET : You’ll be comfortable and cosy all year round. If you easily feel the cold a duvet with luxurious yak down filling is ideal for you. Yak down has fantastic temperature regulating properties ensuring the duvet feels just right all year round.
  • WINTER DUO DUVET : If you are the first to huddle over the radiator craving warmth but hate the weight of heavy blankets, then this winter duvet will have you longing for the cold winter nights. The warmth is increased using double duvets.


Suave Silk if You Like it Cool.

Raw silk is a luxurious fibre, lightweight and airy. It wicks away moisture and feels fresh and pleasantly dry. Our sensuous raw silk duvets are the
ideal choice if you get hot easily. And if your bedroom is well heated during the winter months then this sensual duvet will have you sleeping deeply
and waking up refreshed.

  • SUMMER DUVET : Silk keeps you cool. The duvet wicks away moisture but remains fresh and dry to the touch. The cover is made from organic cotton satin. And combined with the silk you have a summer night’s dream.
  • FOUR SEASON DUVET : Surround yourself all year with the luxury of raw silk. If you don’t like it hot but prefer true luxury, then Siena fits the bill. And with the smooth satin cover made from certified organic cotton you will easily keep your cool.
  • WINTER DUO DUVET : Do you rarely feel cold, even in winter? Then Siena is for you. If you prefer to sleep in a well-heated bedroom or you feel warm too easily then the luxurious Siena duvet is the right choice.