The Haus: Fine furniture for your bedroom, office, dining room and living room.

The Haus

  • Here at The Haus, we have many styles, looks and passion with one common goal. And thats providing you, our customers a unique and unforgettable experience. After all, when shopping for your home, we understand as much as anyone, that everyone’s tastes vary, however everyone’s need for comfort and happiness doesn’t. Our Customer’s always come first, and we love the word of mouth, for it is the ultimate compliment.

High Quality

  • We pride ourselves on providing a vast selection of unique and eclectic pieces for the most whimsical and creative atmospheres, as well as high quality but reasonable essentials that will last many years for the most discerning and practical. We want to be your Southern California one stop shop and for you to never need to stress again about sale crowds and big box stores making your home decor hunting daunting and impersonal.

100% Organic

  • The Haus is a foundation of comfort, style and even education. We love to help people find the perfect piece or even select every room in a new home if that was is desired. The Haus is also very enviromentally conscious and this is reflected in our products of beautiful Organic Bedding, Linens, all made with luxurious and purest materials available, made in Germany. Or also in our Factory Direct program of 100% Natural Latex Mattresses, foundations and Pillows. Free of allergens, and available in various firmness levels so that you can find your unique and priceless comfort level to have the bed sleep you have ever…or maybe never had. We love to offer free education on the benefits of these products we offer for all who are concerned about their health and the environment, ready to fit any type of lifestyle with the utmost sincerity.

Our Haus is your Haus

  • Last but not least, we at The Haus also know what it is like to be desiring the perfect piece, or the one item you cannot find anywhere else, and are tired of seeing the same old things in every store. We are on an ever changing and evolving mission to keep our inventory interesting, flowing, changing and growing. What we have in our showroom would only make up a small percentage of the items we can special order or what may be here for you to see the next time you come visit us. Have a small place to fill? Have a large place to fill? We are dedicated to helping you solve that problem in the easiest and enjoyable way possible. Our Haus is your Haus…The Haus Fine Furnishing.